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In an ever-shifting business landscape, you can count on LHH recruitment consultants to help you find your next opportunity and develop your career path. Our recruitment consultants have placed numerous professionals in prominent firms and corporate departments throughout the country


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Employee in Transition

Step forward on the path to your next career opportunity

If you’re here because your employer offered support for your career transition, LHH is here to help. While it may be difficult, trust that the right opportunity is waiting for you. We can help you land the job you want most or try something entirely different.


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Employee in transition
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Career Mobility

We are here to support you in transitioning in your career effectively

The support that we provide through our career advisors and online career portal will help ease the stress associated with redundancies. Whatever your goal, whether you want to find a new job in the same industry, look at opportunities in different sectors, or something completely different like start your own business, our career specialists can guide you to the next chapter in your life.


Essential outplacement
Helping outgoing employees get the career guidance they need
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C-Suite Outplacement

ICEO – C-suite outplacement

The International Center for Executive Options (ICEO) is a boutique practice which provides a bespoke service for C-suite executives exiting a business. We partner with senior leaders, companies, and boards to navigate critical personal and organizational decisions and the complex challenges associated with leadership transitions and executive careers.

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Outplacement Candidates

Handling your employees with compassion and dignity

As a provider of outplacement services, we have decades of experience supporting those being made redundant successfully transition to the next phase of their career. Working with small organisations through to FTSE 100 companies, we have a national network and local resources to provide personal support to individuals affected by redundancy and businesses who are looking at redeployment.


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Learning & Development

Executive coaching and employee development

With LHH coaching, businesses can unlock individual talent, enhance productivity across teams, and improve company performance through leadership coaching.


Through effective coaching and leadership development, you can uncover and maximize the true potential of your workforce to achieve even greater success.


We believe that every individual and every organization can benefit from coaching.


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Talent Assessment

Leadership assessment and employee development


Effective leaders make the difference. They drive productivity by building and sustaining confidence in employees while creating an environment in which everyone can thrive.


Leadership Assessment
How assessment can improve the performance of your business
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Find a job

Let’s find what’s next

You’re here because you’re looking for your next great job. And not just any job. You’re looking for career progression and a partner who understands not only the extent of your expertise, but also the ever-changing market. That is where we come in. LHH serves the best and most innovative employers from boutique specialty services to the Global Fortune 500, with a deep understanding of professional business sectors.

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